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Grading on 24th June

18 Jun

The Grading this Sunday will be held in The Old Powerstation in Mortlake. Please follow this link for a map and directions:

The times of the grading are as follows:

The belt colours below refer to the belt that your child currently wears and NOT the belt that they are trying to achieve:


10:00-10:45am – White Belts, Red Belts, Yellow Stripes and Yellow Belts

10:45-11:30am – Orange Belts, Blue Stripes and Blue Belts

11:30am-12:30pm – Green Belt and above


Kew Fete Demonstration

13 Jun

The Demonstration at the Kew Fete was a great success!!!

Thank you very much to all the children who took part and also a big thank you to the parents for taking them there and providing such a great support. We have received great compliments from the event organisers and they are already looking forward to another demo next year.