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Newsletter 4th January

5 Jan

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope that all of our members’ New Years resolutions involve lots of training and pushing themselves in their Karate 🙂 I am certainly looking forward to working hard myself to make improvements in both my training and teaching! January is a great time to set new targets so I encourage everyone to set themselves targets (such as a belt to achieve, a kata to learn, enter a tournament or remove a bad habit) and work hard to achieve those targets.

All classes will resume this Thursday 7th January so if your class is on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday then the first class will be next week. 

I have copied in the term dates below but it is worth checking the website periodically just in case anything changes. The link for the term dates on the website is:

I will be in touch again soon with news about gradings, squad sessions, sparring classes, tournaments, holiday clubs and any other news…

Spring Term 2016

First Class: Thursday 7th January

Half Term: 15th – 20th February

Last Class: Wednesday 23rd March

Summer Term 2016

First Class: Thursday 14th April

Half Term: 30th May – 4th June

Last Class: Wednesday 13th July

Yours sincerely,

Sensei Ben Pethick

07734 655 057

020 8560 5267