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18 Jul

It has not been very well publicised but we do have a Facebook Account

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July Newsletter

14 Jul

Dear Parents and Karateka,

Thank you all very much for all your hard work and dedication this academic year. In October we had 7 students who passed a very challenging grading to Black Belt. In February we took 9 students to the JSKA National Championships and they won 10 medals between them and in March we hosted our first Inter-Dojo Cup. We have a number of students who have been very dedicated in attending extra classes, holiday clubs, sparring classes and we have seen a fantastic turnout in our summer fair demonstrations as usual. Our adult class is going from strength to strength with more parents taking up Karate for themselves and I have enjoyed teaching every minute of every class. Sensei Tom and Senpai Alex have been very passionately helping to raise the standard of our club and I have been very excited to see Senpai Robert and Senpai Sebastian emerging as assistant instructors. They both started classes with me when they were 6 or 7 years old and now they are 16 and helping me to teach the classes. 

Term Dates:

Our final day of teaching this term is Monday 11th July so all weekly classes will be on summer holiday from Tuesday 12th July onwards The Autumn Term starts on Monday 12th September 

Please note that Ravenscourt Park Prep School and Kew Gren Prep School have different term dates 

Summer Holiday Classes:

From 27th July-31st August we will be running weekly holiday classes every Wednesday in Kew (St. Luke’s House, 270 Sandycombe Road, Kew TW9 3NP). The classes will be 90 minutes each and run from 4:00-5:30pm. The price of the classes will be £10 per student, or £50 for all 6 classes.

The classes will be suitable for children over 6 years old and we will cover a wide range of material as well as practicing the full grading syllabus for the relevant grades. Students training for a specific grading will be given assistance to practice whatever they wish to prioritise.  

The full list of dates are:

27th July

3rd August

10th August

17th August

24th August

31st August

Price Freeze:

Our termly fee has not increased since 2011. In the 5 years since 2011 there have been significant increases in hall hire, insurance, equipment and other costs, and I have committed to keeping the student to teacher ratio at a low level in order to ensure that every student gets a good amount of individual attention. I am planning to introduce new software in the near future which will have features such as online payments, electronic payment receipts and the ability to check when a student has been selected for grading amongst other exciting new features. 

I had been planning to increase prices this September, but in this period of economic uncertainty I have decided that this would now be the wrong time and I have decided to freeze prices until 2017. 

Notice Period:

Please remember that you are supposed to give half a term’s written notice to stop classes. If you are not planning to keep your space in September then please let me know asap if you have not done so already as you might need to pay for the half term if you do not. 

Have a wonderful summer holiday!!!

Yours sincerely,

Sensei Ben Pethick

07734 655 057

020 8560 5267