October Newsletter

24 Oct

Dear Parents and Karateka,

Half-Term Clubs:

We will be running Half-Term Clubs on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th October from 10:00am-2:00pm in St. Luke’s House, Kew (TW9 3NP).

There will be a wide range of material covered as well as keeping a good focus on the grading syllabus. There will be some students preparing for their black belt grading so it will be highly focussed training, but enjoyable nevertheless!

The Half-Term classes are open to all students from 7 years old and over.

Please remember to bring a packed lunch and a drink as well as all Karate equipment

The clubs cost £30 per day or £50 for both days. If you would like to book a place then please reply to this email. 


If your child has been selected to take part in a grading then you can choose whichever Grading is most convenient for you from the following:

Saturday 22nd October – 3:00pm – Duke’s Meadow Community Hall, Alexandra Gardens, W4 2RX

Saturday 19th November – 9:30-10:30am – Venue TBC

Sunday 4th December – 10am (lower grades) and 11am (higher grades) – Old Powerstation, Mortlake 

We will be checking all students in their classes over the next week and if they are ready we will be handing out grading envelopes. If not then we will explain to them what is needed to improve so that they can hopefully book in for one of the later gradings this term. 

‘In Class’ Gradings:

The classes with younger children will continue to have gradings within their class at the usual time and venue during the week commencing 28th November. Parents are welcome to come and watch these gradings and also to see the belt presentation the following week. The following classes will have ‘in class’ gradings:

Monday 3:15-4:00pm – Orleans – 28th November

Tuesday 4:00pm – Putney Methodist Church – 29th November

Wednesday 8:00am – East Sheen Primary School – 30th November

Wednesday 3:45pm – St. Luke’s House, Kew – 30th November

Friday 4:00pm – Duke’s Meadow Community Hall – 2nd December

Saturday 12:00pm – Mortlake Powerstation – 3rd December


We will be hosting a Friendship Tournament on Sunday 11th December at 9:00am in The Old Powerstation in Mortlake. I will be handing out registration forms for this after Half-Term. 

Tournament Preparation Classes:

Sensei Tom will be running tournament preparation classes in the run-up to the Tournament on 11th December. There will be two Kumite (sparring) workshops and one Tournament Kata class.

Saturday 19th November – 10:30am-11:30am – Sparring – Venue TBC

Sunday 4th December –  12:00-1:00pm – Kata – Old Powerstation, Mortlake

Sunday 4th December – 1:00-2:00pm – Sparring – Old Powerstation, Mortlake

Each class is £10 per student but if you attend all 3 classes then the third class is free. If you would like to book a space for one of these classes then please feel free to email me or just turn up on the day. 

Term Dates:

Half Term: 24th-31st October

Last Class: Monday 12th December

First Class of Spring Term: Monday 9th January

Yours sincerely,

Sensei Ben Pethick


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