15 Black Belt Promotions

30 Oct

DSC07139.JPGWe are pleased to announce the promotion of fourteen 1st Dan Black Belts and one 2nd Dan Black Belt! The candidates have all been training very hard for a long time in preparation for this Grading and all the hard work paid off. The Grading took 3 hours and there was a panel of four Black Belt examiners including two external examiners: Sensei Robert Herincx (5th Dan) and Sensei Phillip Wardle (3rd Dan) from Tora Karate Academy. Crouching Tiger Karate are very honoured to have such experienced examiners as guests of our club and they were kind enough to share their knowledge with us and give us ideas for how we can improve in the future.

The candidates all performed their Kihon (basic techniques) and Kata first. this was followed by rounds of individual Kumite (sparring) and also rounds of two against one sparring. This was followed by a demonstration of self-defence techniques and kata applications. The testing process was very stringent and we would like to congratulate all the candidates who have all shown fantastic dedication for many years and in particular the last 6 months in the run up to the Grading.


2nd Dan Promotion:

Robert Bright


1st Dan Promotions:

Anna De Rosa

Francesca Wigington

Ethan Cox

Joel Wisely

Archie Henry

Alexei Newton

Joe Larvin

Mateo Santos-Thomas

Takumi Nakamigawa

Harry O’Brien

Kai Jewson

Ruben Ward

Max Hamlyn

Nico Charalambous




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