Autumn Term Newsletter

22 Sep

Dear Parents and Karateka,

I hope you are all enjoying your summer holiday!

Welcome to the new look newsletter. Please note that this is a no-reply email so if you would like to contact me then please compose an email to my email

Sensei Tom and I will be travelling to Japan from 29th August – 8th September so I may not reply any emails until after then. We will be doing lots of training in different dojos and of course we will be hoping to use the experience to enhance the material and method of our teaching when we return. We will try to post updates of our trip on the CTK Facebook page. You can use the link at the bottom of this email to see the Facebook page.

All classes will resume on Monday 10th September. There is a list of all the term dates for this academic year on our website:

If I have not already contacted you about changing class times then please assume that the class times from last term will be unchanged this year.

Online Transfers:
I would like to encourage parents to pay the Karate fees by online transfer. This method saves time and paper, and also ensures that no payments get lost and can easily be tracked.

The term fees will remain the same as last year. The amount per student per term is as follows:
30 minute class = £90
45 minute class = £100
60 minute class = £110
Students who train twice a week have the second class half price:
2 x 60 minute classes = £165
2 x 45 minute classes = £150
1 x 60 minute class and one 45 minute class = £160

We try to keep our prices to a minimum so unfortunately we can not offer any sibling discounts.

If you would prefer to pay by cash or cheque then that is still fine. I will make the usual envelope invoices for all the people who have not paid before term starts on 10th September.

Please remember that we ask for half a term’s notice before leaving our classes. If you are receiving this newsletter and you are not planning to join our classes this term then please email me asap so that I can offer your space to someone else and take you off our system.

Adult Training:
Our adult Karate class is held on Monday evenings in St. Margaret’s. There is a small group of dedicated parents and more are welcome. We teach a holistic self-defence system with its core in the Karate katas. No experience is necessary and you are welcome to come and have a free trial before committing to the classes. Please email me if you are keen to come and give the class a try.

If kickboxing appeals more to you then Sensei Tom is also running a new kickboxing class on Saturdays in Mortlake from 3:15-4:15pm for teenagers and adults. These classes will be run in a less traditional way (no karate suits or katas), and will be a great way to improve fitness and power.
For more information then please feel free to email him on his new CTK email address:

Tora Karate Friendly Tournament:
The rescheduled date for our friendly tournament with Tora Karate club in Twickenham is Sunday 18th November. Please put that date into your diary if you are keen to take part in this competition and I will be sending out the full details to you soon.

Syllabus and Recommended Links:
Please click here for the CTK Colour Belt Syllabus
Please click here for the CTK Shodan Black Belt Syllabus
2nd Dan and 3rd Dan syllabus can be emailed to you by request.
Last term there were fewer promotions than usual; this is normal as we were implementing the changes in our new syllabus. A lot of the ground work has now been done so I would like to advise students who have not received a promotion in a while to set a target and practice for it. We will be doing our very best to help you, but if you only do one class per week then it is important to supplement this with extra practice at home. It would be a good idea to print out the syllabus and use it so that your practice can be targeted towards what will be asked of you in the grading. If you have forgotten moves in your katas then have a look at the youtube links to jog your memory.
 Please click here for a list of recommended Youtube Links

Finally, congratulations to all students who passed their grading at the end of last term. In particular I would like to congratulate Sensei Tom Leask, Senpai Benjamin Larvin, Rory Wall and Justin Grant for passing Dan grade (Black Belt) promotions. I will be awarding the new Kyu grades (colour belts) in the first lesson this term.

Yours sincerely,

Sensei Ben Pethick


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