CTK June Newsletter

21 Jun

Dear Parents and Karateka,
I hope you all had a great Half-Term.

Firstly I would like to congratulate Kai Burby, Nicholas Mulcahy, Joely Lenman, Luca Magnus, Zac Leach and Joe Leach for all being promoted to Junior 1st Dan Black Belt and for Aimee Wong Rogers for being promoted to Junior 2nd Dan Black Belt. They have all worked very hard preparing for this grading for over a year and most have been training for a decade or longer. What a fantastic achievement and very well deserved!

The time-slots for the grading this weekend have changed so if you are coming for the grading this weekend then please take note of the times below.

Sunday 9th June
The Old Powerstation, 121A Mortlake Hight Street, SW14 8SN
9:30-10:30am – All grades below Brown Belt
10:30am-12:00pm – Brown Belts and Black Belt Preliminary Grading
Parents are welcome to watch the grading, however there are no chairs in the Powerstation so you will either need to stand or sit on the floor. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Saturday 29th June
Duke’s Meadow Community Hall, Alexandra Gardens, W4 2RX
3:00-4:00pm – All grades below Green Belt
4:00-5:00pm – Green Belts and Above

There will be another grading in July but the date and venue is yet to be confirmed.

If your child has been selected for a grading then please let me know which grading you are planning to attend. If you are unsure whether your child has been selected for a grading please email me and I will clarify.

All grades below orange belt will be assessed within the lessons so you will not need to come to an external grading for the earlier grades.

Summer Fair Demonstrations:
We will be continuing our tradition of performing demonstrations at the Kew and St. Margaret’s Fairs this summer. All students are very welcome to come and take part and I hope to see a good mix of ages and experience levels at these demonstrations.

Saturday 22nd June
Kew Fair, Kew Green
Please meet at 4:00pm behind the main stage which is usually in the corner of Kew Green near the Greyhound pub.

Saturday 6th July
St. Margaret’s Fair, Moor Mead
Please meet at 4:50pm in the performance area which is usually in the middle of the field.

Term Dates:
All classes resume at the normal times and venues from today.

Term ends on Tuesday 9th July.

There will be make-up classes in Mortlake on Saturday 13th July and in St. Margaret’s on Monday 15th July.

The Autumn Term will start on Monday 9th September.

Please note that our term dates are also displayed on our website:

Kew Green and Ravenscourt Park Schools follow the term dates on their clubs calendar and will be different to those above.

Yours sincerely,

Sensei Ben Pethick

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